Future City Water
Sweden Water Research
DHI, NSVA, VA SYD, Sweden Water Research, LBVA, Chalmers, Globhe Drones, Norrvatten, Glaze, LKF Lund, Sydvatten, Stockholms Vatten

The water sector is facing major changes when digitization makes its entry in rapid pace. Future City Water focus on our most important resource – the drinking water.

In the future, we will have access to a smart drinking water pipeline network with safe delivery of high-quality drinking water. The network is automatically controlled for optimizing resource use, as well as minimizing leakage. End users can actively influence the delivery and cost of their water consumption. The drinking water pipeline network is fully integrated into the smart city and enables the development of new services to infrastructure owners and end users.

In the project, we take important steps in the development of the smart drinking water pipeline network by developing the sensor use and developing software that can be used for new and extensive data management. When Future City Water develops the measurement points together with software and algorithms, detailed forecasting and unique new functions and services are made possible.