The water sector is facing major changes when digitization makes its entry in rapid pace. Future City Water focus on our most important resource - the drinking water. In the project, we take important steps in the development of the smart drinking water pipeline network by developing the sensor use and developing software that can be used for new and extensive data management.
Organizational and financial reviews of various administrations within the municipality of Ystad. The assignment includes investigating organizational structure, economic models, control systems and working methods and identifying and proposing possible efficiency improvements and other improvements.
2017 - 2020
Skurup, Ystad & Trelleborg in southern Scania have developed a resource efficient and innovative model for working with public procurement of innovation (PPI) that is adjusted to local conditions, so that mutual learning and synergies can be achieved through collaboration. The model is being tested in three PPIĀ“s conducted by participating municipalities.
Sustainable effort, with heavy vehicles in focus, is an important symbol for a new kind of rescue service and social hero. The goal in the project is to define a common description of a heavy vehicle without getting caught up in technical specifications. At the same time, the ambition is that the description should include […]
2015 - 2021
Urbanization challenge the way we manage water. Floods and discharge of waste water is a danger to people and the environment. A sustainable city controls the flows. The project Future City Flow, co-financed by VINNOVA, will develop a decision support system.
2016 - 2019
Vera Park is a former municipality owned waste management facility that is transformed into a center for circular economy in Europe. The landfill and waste management infrastructure is now an open arena for innovation and sustainable development. After developing an innovative business model, Rhetikfabriken now function as a strategic advisor.
2016 - 2018
RECO LAB (Recovery Lab Sweden) will be a physical and virtual environment where academia, private and public sector can jointly test and develop new technologies and services within water and waste.
2014 - 2016
Development of an innovative business model for effective waste management and regional development.
2013 - 2016
With support from the Swedish innovation agency, VINNOVA, SAMSA is conducting an innovation procurement, where we are looking for a solution that can take us higher up the waste ladder.
2010 - ongoing
Rhetikfabriken has conducted a number of project evaluations in recent years.
2010 - ongoing
We focus on knowledge exchange between Swedish and Danish municipalities. Labour Model, adult education, countering exclusion and "the innovative municipality" are some of the sources of inspiration we draw from.
2013 - ongoing
Stefan Persson is often engaged as guest lecturer or as a moderator in a variety of topics.