Future City Flow
2015 - 2019
Sweden Water Research
NSVA, Göteborgs kommun, Water Innovation Accelerator (WIN), 4IT, Cactus Univeiw AB, Gryaab AB, DHI Sverige AB, Lunds Universitet (Institutionen för kemiteknik), Sweden Water Research, Göteborgs stad, SMHI, VA Syd, Rhetikfabriken

Urbanization challenge the way we manage water. Floods and discharge of waste water is a danger to people and the environment. A sustainable city controls the flows.

The project Future City Flow, co-financed by VINNOVA, will develop a decision support system so that the sustainable city can control water flows and avoid flooding and releasing of untreated sewage water into the environment.

The next step in the process will be conducted 2017-2019 and has a total budget of 15,5 SEK.