Category: Organisation

Organizational analysis Ystad

Organizational and financial reviews of various administrations within the municipality of Ystad. The assignment includes investigating organizational structure, economic models, control systems and working methods. The aim is to identify and propose possible efficiency improvements and other improvements.

The assignment may include in-depth investigations into specified areas, support in development and implementation.

Vera Park, Strategic advisor

Vera Park is a former municipality owned waste management facility that is transformed into a center for circular economy in Europe. The landfill and waste management infrastructure is now an open arena for innovation and sustainable development.

After developing an innovative business model, Rhetikfabriken now function as a strategic advisor. (

Innovationsupphandling Syd

Public sector face major challenges in the future. Increased innovativeness is seen as a necessity for public organizations to meet the challenges. By public demand for innovation in the form of public procurement of innovation (PPI), businesses are encouraged to develop new services that better meet the needs for innovation in the public sector. PPI is therefore considered to have great potential to modernize the public sector while stimulating innovation in both the public and the private sector.

Despite the great potential the share of PPI of the total number of procurements increase slowly. A great obstacle is that it is perceived as cumbersome and resource-intensive, which prevents smaller municipalities with limited resources.

Project partners Ystad, Trelleborg & Skurup are facing similar challenges in, school, digitalization and circular economy, which requires new innovative solutions to meet residents’ expectations. The municipalities therefore need to develop methods to stimulate innovation.

The overall objective of the project is that small and medium-sized municipalities in southern Scania merge and develop a resource efficient and innovative model for working with PPI that is adjusted to local conditions, so that also mutual learning and synergies can be achieved through collaboration. The model is being tested in two PPI´s conducted by participating municipalities. If the test results are positive, there is a great potential both to integrate the model into a municipal innovation strategy and to spread it to other public procurers.

Rhetikfabriken act as over all project manager

Testbed RECO LAB, Sweden

RECO LAB (Recovery Lab Sweden) will be a physical and virtual environment where academia, private and public sector can jointly test and develop new technologies and services within water and waste. The testbed will be integrated in the urban renewal project H + in Helsingborg. The physical environment is created in direct connection to an ultra-modern waste and water treatment plant. RECO LAB will offer the opportunity for R&D in the entire chain from laboratory tests to communication and behavioral studies with end users.

The testbed will support the emergence of a culture of innovation of high international standard that can help businesses develop and provide sustainable waste and water services which create environmental and social benefits.

Coordinate more in psychiatry

Since 2011, the primary health care and the adult psychiatry in Trelleborg have projects led by “Coordinators”.

The experience gained from these projects is in many ways interesting and in the autumn/winter 2014-15 the coordinator’s in the projects have been closely examined by external evaluators. The objective of these evaluations was to identify positive and negative effects of the coordinator function both on the work carried out within the framework of each project, but also on ordinary activities.

Inventory of needs and structure for collaboration

Inventory of needs and structure for collaboration between the Education and Labour Department and the ICT Department at the municipality of Jönköping. Key tasks are to identify the Education and Labour departments needs within ICT  and to develop methods and templates that can be used in the inventory of needs in other departments within the municipality and connect the methods and templates to the budget process.

Organizational analysis Maria Skåne Nordost

Analysis of the organisation of outpatient care for alcohol and drug problems Maria outpatient care in Skåne Nordost including the Region of Skåne and the municipalities in the northeastern part of Skåne. The analysis includes a GAP analysis and proposals to processes for improvement.

Analysis of Public Agencies’ Collaboration

Analysis of how the interaction between public agencies has worked in projects financed by the coordination association Samordningsförbundet Trelleborg. The analysis was a key basis for decisions on future focus and planning.
The analysis consists of two parts, first an evaluation of interaction aspects in three of the funded projects, with a starting point in current theory and debate on what collaboration really is. The second part of the analysis focuses on implementation and provides concrete suggestions on how implementation can be organised in the future.