Category: Evaluation

Coordinate more in psychiatry

Since 2011, the primary health care and the adult psychiatry in Trelleborg have projects led by “Coordinators”.

The experience gained from these projects is in many ways interesting and in the autumn/winter 2014-15 the coordinator’s in the projects have been closely examined by external evaluators. The objective of these evaluations was to identify positive and negative effects of the coordinator function both on the work carried out within the framework of each project, but also on ordinary activities.

Inventory of needs and structure for collaboration

Inventory of needs and structure for collaboration between the Education and Labour Department and the ICT Department at the municipality of Jönköping. Key tasks are to identify the Education and Labour departments needs within ICT  and to develop methods and templates that can be used in the inventory of needs in other departments within the municipality and connect the methods and templates to the budget process.

Organizational analysis Maria Skåne Nordost

Analysis of the organisation of outpatient care for alcohol and drug problems Maria outpatient care in Skåne Nordost including the Region of Skåne and the municipalities in the northeastern part of Skåne. The analysis includes a GAP analysis and proposals to processes for improvement.

Analysis of Public Agencies’ Collaboration

Analysis of how the interaction between public agencies has worked in projects financed by the coordination association Samordningsförbundet Trelleborg. The analysis was a key basis for decisions on future focus and planning.
The analysis consists of two parts, first an evaluation of interaction aspects in three of the funded projects, with a starting point in current theory and debate on what collaboration really is. The second part of the analysis focuses on implementation and provides concrete suggestions on how implementation can be organised in the future.