2016 - 2019
Vera Park is a former municipality owned waste management facility that is transformed into a center for circular economy in Europe. The landfill and waste management infrastructure is now an open arena for innovation and sustainable development. After developing an innovative business model, Rhetikfabriken now function as a strategic advisor.
2014 - 2016
Development of an innovative business model for effective waste management and regional development.
2010 - ongoing
We focus on knowledge exchange between Swedish and Danish municipalities. Labour Model, adult education, countering exclusion and "the innovative municipality" are some of the sources of inspiration we draw from.
2013 - ongoing
Stefan Persson is often engaged as guest lecturer or as a moderator in a variety of topics.
2013 - 2017
SAMSA has a long term strategy to develop the skills as procurers and thus stimulate development. Therefore, SAMSA, among other things, initiated a branch council for better procurement of waste collection.
The primary health care and the adult psychiatry in Trelleborg have different projects led by "Coordinators". The experience gained from the role of the coordinator's in the projects have been collected in a paper.
Guest lecturing in the Design & Sustainability mixed bachelor and Master course at Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden.
2012 - 2013
Intelligence analysis and editorial work with a final report
Inventory of needs and structure for collaboration between the Education and Labour Department and the ICT Department at the municipality of Jönköping.
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