Author: Stefan Persson

Guest Lecturing & Moderating Workshops

Stefan Persson is often engaged as guest lecturer or as a moderator in topics like:
– Procurement & innovation
– Design- and innovation processes in public sector
– Public-Private Cooperation, and Public-Public Cooperation
– Sustainability

Study Tours: Sweden/Denmark

We focus on knowledge exchange between Swedish and Danish municipalities. Labour Model, adult education, countering exclusion and “the innovative municipality” are some of the sources of inspiration we draw from.

The tours are often arranged in cooperation with Svensk Tillväxtstrategi.

Organizational analysis Maria Skåne Nordost

Analysis of the organisation of outpatient care for alcohol and drug problems Maria outpatient care in Skåne Nordost including the Region of Skåne and the municipalities in the northeastern part of Skåne. The analysis includes a GAP analysis and proposals to processes for improvement.

Analysis of Public Agencies’ Collaboration

Analysis of how the interaction between public agencies has worked in projects financed by the coordination association Samordningsförbundet Trelleborg. The analysis was a key basis for decisions on future focus and planning.
The analysis consists of two parts, first an evaluation of interaction aspects in three of the funded projects, with a starting point in current theory and debate on what collaboration really is. The second part of the analysis focuses on implementation and provides concrete suggestions on how implementation can be organised in the future.

Ongoing market dialogue for better procurement of waste collection

SAMSA has a long term strategy to develop procurement skills and thus stimulate development. Therefore, SAMSA, among other things, initiated an industry association for better procurement of waste collection. A first kick-off meeting was held in Malmö in autumn 2013. The association meet two times a year.

In the meetings, participants discuss general procurement issues and exchange experiences, thus increasing understanding of one another’s activities. The aim is to learn from each other, share best practices, create understanding and increase trust between buyers and suppliers. By seeing things from a common branch perspective, small changes can lead to big profits.

Rhetikfabriken initiated the meetings and led them between 2013 and 2017.

Cluster Initiatives

A pilot study on municipal waste operations as a possible basis for cluster initiatives and engines for regional development. The study was financed by NSR AB and Avfall Sverige, a Swedish waste management and recycling association with over 400 members.

Guest Lecturer in Design & Sustainability

Guest lecturing in the Design & Sustainability mixed Bachelor’s and Master’s course at Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden. Stefan was lecturing on sustainability, Swedish waste management, circular economy and development of sustainable business models. Stefan also functioned as a tutor for the students, a mix of Swedish undergraduate students, exchange students and international postgraduate students.

Blackwater & Food Waste Challenge

Blackwater & Food Waste Challenge is an innovation competition to create future systems for the recycling of toilet water and food waste in Helsingborg’s new neighborhood Oceanhamnen. The competition is arranged by the City of Helsingborg, together with the water and sewage company NSVA and the waste management company NSR.

Innovation Procurement of Reuse System

With support from the Swedish innovation agency, VINNOVA, SAMSA is conducting an innovation procurement, where we are looking for a solution that can take us higher up the waste ladder. This is one of the first innovation procurements in Sweden to be implemented as what is known as a pre-commercial procurement. This means a procurement of research and development projects which takes place outside the traditional rules governing public procurement.